"The book is extremely well done topics are well defined, explained, and summarized. There is no question this book is of value to anyone even thinking about the selling process, plus to owners in running their businesses. Very useful tool."

- Tom Schabel, CEO, Alexandria Extrusion


"I love the concept and content of the book. I believe it can be very helpful for anybody contemplating a sale of their business."

- Dave Senger, Chairman, Moss & Barnett


"I enjoyed the book. The content is very complete and an excellent educational tool using meaningful stories and illustrations with a progressing company case study (Pickleten) throughout the book. The book will be of great value to sellers, buyers, management personnel, professional advisors, and students."

- Dick Letsche, Former Regional Managing Partner, McGladrey & Pullen


"Awesome! I especially like Rice's stories, and the way he tracks the same company (Pickleten) throughout the book."

- Jim Haudan, CEO, Root Learning